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Edge Hill University

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Edge Hill University


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The Edge Hill University was established in 1885. The University is located at Lancashire, England and caters to nearly 23,000 students. The University has plans to invest over £200m in the next 10 years on facilities and resources to offer best education to students. All the academic programs are offered through the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

당신이 관심 있어할 만한 대학

University of Derby


조회수 216

더비 대학교는 널리 인정 받고 있으며 정식 인가를 받은 잉글랜드의 대학교로, 여러분이 본교에서 취득한 자격증은 전세계에서 인정받게 될 것입니다.

University of Lincoln


조회수 852

선두적인 학문과 획기적 연구를 바탕으로 한 링컨대학교는 지속적으로 발전과 확장 중에 있습니다.

University of Sheffield


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타임즈세계대학 순위: 121

영국 선도 대학 중 하나이며 폭넓은 분야에서 세계적 수준의 교육 및 연구 경험으로 유명합니다.

University of Worcester


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우스터 대학교는 훌륭한 수학 환경과 여러분의 전공에서 가장 요구되는 양질의 강의를 제공합니다.

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15개 장학금이 제공됨

Edge Hill On-Course Excellence Scholarships

장학금 액수

£500.00 (₩ 8,82,158) - £1,000.00 (₩ 17,64,317)

지원 방법

Applications are now closed and will open during the academic year 14.15, please keep checking the website.

마감 기한

Expected May-2016

지원 자격

On-Course Scholarships are available to full-time students in years 1 or 2 of an undergraduate degree programme or in year 1 of a Foundation Degree. Unfortunately if you are a repeat year student, part-time student or on a postgraduate programme then you are not eligible for the On-Course Scholarship. They have nothing to do with your financial situation or degree subject. Permanent employess of Edge Hill University are not eligible. If you can demonstrate determination, commitment and achievement beyond your degree we want to hear from you. Previously they have been awarded for Creatie Arts, Performing Arts, Enterprise and Volunteeering. However this list is not exhausitve, if you have a talent in any other area we want to hear from you! Please note, if you can demonstrate dedication, talent and achievement in sports performance, coaching or officiating, you should apply for a Sports Scholarship Please check the website for further details:

지원 가능 국적


Preparation for Higher Education Scholarship

장학금 액수

£1,000 paid over 1 year

지원 방법

No application process, although students are encouraged to speak to their Fastrack tutor to discuss their individual situation and desire to be considered for this award.

지원 자격

Students who have completed the Fastrack: Preparation for Higher Education course and enrolled on a full-time degree are eligible. Permanent employees of Edge Hill University are not eligible.

지원 가능 국적

EU, UK only, All