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**Develop a critical understanding of contemporary art and modern theatre and performance.** This course offers an enriching experience of both subjects and encourages you to explore how art and theatre speak to each other. Consider how artworks are staged; the role and impact of audiences; spatial construction, and development of voice and physical presence in both people and objects. Through art and performance, you can create compelling immersive experiences, giving you highly valued skills and the potential to challenge the status quo. **Art**Join a lively community at Reading School of Art. You can explore a vast range of media, experiment with emerging art forms and develop as an artist. The studios are busy places with events, workshops, performances and exhibitions regularly taking place. There is dedicated space accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and daily access to studio tutors during the week to help develop your individual and professional practice. Trips to museums and art galleries help prompt thoughts on how art is displayed and received and you can gain professional experience by taking part in your own exhibitions, public art commissions and events. Our teaching staff are all artists, curators and researchers of international standing. You will learn through a mixture of studio teaching, seminars, lectures, group workshops and critiques, technical and material sessions, exhibition making, one-to-one tutorials and field trips. You will have access to our range of facilities, including workshops for construction, printing and casting, darkroom for photography, digital tools for film and video editing, imaging, sound and web building and a dedicated audio-visual room and sound-recording booth. **Theatre**In theatre studies, you will investigate a range of contemporary practices from verbatim to immersive, site-specific work and examples of digital technologies in live performance. You can explore theatre from the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries, covering the work of international and British playwrights such as Samuel Beckett, Caryl Churchill and Sarah Kane.Practical work complements your critical and theoretical study allowing you to apply what you learn through practice, drawing on the market-leading facilities of our Minghella studios, including three theatre spaces, a film and television studio, cutting rooms and audio post-production facilities, and a digital cinema. You will investigate theatre with academics working at the cutting edge of research, and attend performances ranging from popular forms of theatre to performance art. More than 80 performances, films and television programmes are created in the department each year, offering multiple opportunities to develop your technical or performance skills.**Placements**Your degree includes career management skills training and you will be encouraged to undertake academic and work placements during your studies. Previous art students have enjoyed art internships at Studio Voltaire, Frieze Art Fair, and Tate Exchange, performed at the ICA, London and participated in an international exhibition at the Seoul Institute of Arts in South Korea.**Study Abroad**In your second or third year, you can spend a term studying abroad at one of our partner institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Europe. You can also participate in week-long international study trips as part of a module for which you gain credits. **Careers**A degree in Art and Theatre will prepare you either for further study or to enter professions across the flourishing cultural and creative industries.As well as becoming an artist or theatre practitioner, you could choose to work in museums and galleries, education, digital and social media or advertis

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Students with High School Diploma 5 subjects with a minimum average of 70% or grade 4 overall, Inmungye KodBng High School Diploma with 5 subjects at Grade B or 70% will be considered for entry onto International Foundation Programme. High School Diploma combined with a successfully completed appropriate foundation/bridging programme, successful completion of first year of a recognised South Korean University degree will be considered for entry onto Undergraduate Degree. A levels/AS levels or International Baccalaureate (IB) or other International qualications will also be considered. Please refer the university website for details of the English Language requirements for entry to individual undergraduate degree programmes.

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