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Course description

This course, offering practical clinical exposure, enables you to apply the fundamentals of neuroanatomy and physiology to better understand the clinical features of patients with neurological disease and learn how insights from the laboratory are translated into benefits for patients.

In small group teaching sessions and clinics, you’ll have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to patients with neurological disease. In the final term you may take a research option (Route A) or a Clinical Neurology Experiential Learning Module (Route B).

Students opting for Route A will choose from a range of clinical research projects based at SITraN or within the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Students opting for Route B will attend additional specialist clinics with patient-centred teaching from experts in the field who will emphasise recent advances in clinical practice.


The taught component of the MSc is delivered through:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Student-led group work

Each of the 30-credit modules is assessed using a formal examination (15 credits) and ongoing assessments during the module (15 credits), including essays, posters and oral presentations.

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년 9월 2019


University of Sheffield

Western Bank,


S10 2TN, England

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Students who hold a good bachelor degree, with at least 3.5 on the full band grade 4.5 or 3.3 on the full band grade of 4.3, from a recognised Korean university will be considered for direct entry to postgraduate diploma or masters programmes. For entry to MBA students need a good bachelor degree from a recognised Korean university and at least 3 years´ post-graduation work experience. They must be at least 25 years old by the time the programme starts.

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Overall IELTS grade of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.0 in reading, 6.0 in writing, 7.0 in listening and 6.0 in speaking, or equivalent.

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