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Criminology supports students to become excellent researchers who are theoretically informed and actively engaged in the public debate about crime and justice. Our research degrees offer unique opportunities: collaborating with and access to those working in and making justice policy in Scotland, Europe and beyond; training in research methods and skills, including in novel and emerging approaches such as visual, digital and qualitative methods. We host and support numerous training and professional development activities for students, many of them student led (such as our annual away weekend for PhD students). A diverse programme of seminars and working lunches feature leading scholars in the field as well as regular student contributions. Our programmes are based on thorough training in research methods and we encourage you to take part in numerous exciting seminars, conferences and events. We offer modern library, IT services and a wide-range of support services. You will be living in one of Europe’s most exciting cities which has a vibrant cultural and social life.

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School of Social and Political Sciences

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£17,620.00 (₩ 27,557,923) 연간
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년 9월 2020 예정


University of Glasgow

The Fraser Building,

65 Hillhead Street,


Glasgow, City Of,

G12 8QQ, Scotland

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Graduates of national quality Korean universities with a GPA of 3.0 or above or an average score of 80% and above will be considered for postgraduate degree. Please refer the university website for details of the English Language requirements for entry to individual postgraduate degree programmes.

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