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The Graduate School of Education is an OFSTED 'Outstanding Provider' and offers a one year programme for graduates leading to the award of PGCE. It caters each year for approximately 200 student teachers training to teach in secondary schools and works in partnership with approximately 70 local schools and colleges; student teachers spend two-thirds of the PGCE year on placement in at least two schools. The Graduate School of Education is also working with two local school alliances supporting School Direct - non-salaried (with PGCE). The programme is approved by the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) and leads to recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

The programme is a minimum of 36 weeks in duration and starts in early September. Its structure may be most conveniently described in terms of three major components, though the timetable and approach underline the intention that they are strongly interrelated. These are: Curriculum Studies - main subject specialism; Educational and Professional Studies; School Experience.

Successful completion of PG Certificate in Education will give students 60 credit points at Masters level.

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School of Education

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풀 타임 (1 year)

£15,800.00 (₩ 24,190,031) 연간

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시작 일자

September 2017


University of Bristol

Senate House,

Tyndall Avenue,


BS8 1TH, England

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The standard requirement for entry to a taught masters programme at Bristol is an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree that is equivalent to a UK Upper Second Class degree (also known as a 2:1). Applicants who hold a Bachelor (Honours) degree will be considered for admission to a Masters degree. A CGPA of 3.2 is considered equivalent to a UK Upper Second Class degree.

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